lots of benefits of Indian cow`s ghee

  • Benefits of Indian Breed Cow’s Ghee
    Use of Ghee In Ayurveda :
    Ayurveda has an important place reserved for ghee. Desi Cow clarified butter is employed as a carrier for herbs and bhasmas because of its supreme penetrating qualities and so able to carry these substances deep into the tissues. It is used as an associate agent to heal the body from inside out. Many ayurvedic medicinal herbs are administered by mixing them with desi ghee for a better effect. This healthy fat acts as a catalyst in the healing process for the body by helping the body absorb the medicines much better. Elements of ghee like omega 3 fatty acids provide nutrition to the membranes in your brain and also facilitate the enzymes within cell membranes that transport valuable nutrients. Surya Ketu Vein, on interaction with solar rays, produces gold salts in her blood. These salts are present in the cow’s milk and other products made from it. So the desi cow’s milk, butter, and ghee has a golden hue.
    Has High Smoke Point :The smoke point is the temperature at that associate oil/fat starts to burn and smoke. When this happens, the nutrients of ghee/ oil are destroyed and instead toxins are released. Therefore, it’s logical that fat with a high smoke point is a better choice for cooking and even at high temperatures the benefits of ghee will be intact.
    Excellent For Massage :
    Applying desi ghee all over the body is a common practice in Ayurvedic massage. Desi Ghee is rich in antioxidants and it’s a wonderful agent to make your sensory organs more effective and slow down the aging process because of the impact it has on the body and mind.
    Medicinal Use Of Cow Ghee
    Desi Cow ghee utilized in Ayurveda, used for numerous medical applications, including the treatment of allergy, skin and respiratory diseases. Cow ghee has to be used in its optimal volume and form in order to increase the efficiency of the Ayurvedic preparations. Most Cow ghee used in Ayurveda is aimed at treating ailments related to the nervous system, digestive system, and psychological ailments. toxins begin to drain from deeper tissues and start to flow in the gastrointestinal tract for elimination. It also lubricates and moistens the membranes and tissues.
    Desi Cow ghee in warm milk before bedtime soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines and facilitates the bowel movement in the morning.
    Desi Cow ghee used for recovery from wounds and against skin rashes.
    Desi Cow Ghee is excellent for scrapes & both type of burns i.e. fire or chemicals
    Desi Cow Ghee is excellent for a gargle, to improve the health of the teeth gums.
    Desi Cow bilona ghee can be used as a shower oil exquisite facial moisturizer.
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  • Our Indian Cow Ghee is made from the A2 milk procured only from Desi Indian breed healthy cows grazed with natural fodder. Ghee is a form of clarified butter which is cleaned out of water and impurities through the process of simmering. The butter is simmered till curds get separated. For centuries, Pure Real Desi Cow Ghee has been an essential part of many culinary traditions, especially in India. It’s a tempting aroma, butter-rich taste, and a smoke point that is perfect for high-heat cooking. But not just the rich buttery taste, Pure Indian Breed Cow’s Ghee is also acknowledged for various medicinal benefits and is a widely used component in Ayurvedic treatment and has a dominant place in healing and rejuvenating. The medicinal properties of ghee help in enhancing memory, increasing intelligence, improving brain functions and balancing the mind. Pure A2 Cow’s Ghee also helps in boosting body energy, improving the digestive system, making eyes and skin healthier.
  • Gavyashree ghee is made from the churning(bilona) process of curd which nourishes our tissues and is beneficial for our health.