why is important ayurveda bilona ghee?

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Only a few years ago in western history, health has been viewed in the physical sense only. That is, good health has been connected to the smooth mechanical operation of the body, while ill health has been attributed to going wrong in the machine.

Health in this sense has been defined as the absence of disease or illness and is seen in medical terms. According to this view, creating for people means providing medical care to treat or prevent disease and illness. During this period, there was an emphasis on providing clean water, improved sanitation and housing.

The concept of health holds different meanings for different people and groups. These meanings of health have also changed over time. This change is no more evident than in western society today when notions of health and health promotion are being challenged and expanded in new ways. The intellectuals of health businesses were not satisfied with their characterizations of a perfect status of healthiness.

The definitions of health were changing regularly since the establishment of the world health organization (W.H.O.). In the late 1940s, the W.H.O. put this idea in picture that “health is the complete state of physical, mental, and social well being and is not merely the absence of disease” (W.H.O. in 1946) but at Ottawa conference in 1986 a charter was developed which outlined a new direction for health promotion based on the socio-ecological view of health. In exploring the scope of health promotion it states that: —

Good health is a major resource for social, economic and personal development and an important dimension of quality of life. Political, economic, social, cultural environmental, behavioral and biological factors can all favor health or be harmful to it. (W.H.O.1986, Ottawa charter). But the issue does not have a break here, the considerations are still going on and on.

Actually to accomplish an idealistic vision will not come true until and unless we will consider human beings as a combination of mind and body only. We will have to perceive health and person more holistically (mind, body and soul) and not just in the physical term.

The Vedic hypothesis about health: —

Almost 2300 years ago from now Sushruta the ayurvedic academician designed an idealistic description for well-being as




                                      Here is the translation of the shlokas word by word: —

                                                           Sama = physiologically normal

                                 Dosha = three matters within us who are responsible to generate the disease when they get antagonism.

                                                     Agni = the metabolism and digestion of ingested

                                                                              Cha = and

                                               Dhatu = seven elements within the body like tissues, blood, etc.

                                Malah kriya = to excrete the waste and harmful products from the body like urine sweat.

                                                                       Prasann = blissful

                                                                            Atma = soul

                                      Indra = sensory organs and bodily systems including limbs

                                                       Manah = the psyche or mind stuff

                                                 Swasthya = in good physical shape

Means if all bodily organs, systems, limbs, genital organs, metabolism and digestion are in good physical state, the soul is in the pink, the mind-stuff performing according to need that person is healthy.

In Ayurveda and Vedas there are separate briefings for soul and mind stuff. How they both keep a person in healthy order. What we must eat so that mind-stuff can work properly, it is well illustrated in the texts. With this there are numerous ideas are given in Ayurveda and yoga texts to keep body and bodily system health and cure the illness.

The aphorism of Vedic systems of wellness is to maintain the health of a healthy person and to present the appropriate solution to the maladies.

However, science makes our lives easier but on other hand the science makes our lives emotionless and mechanical. We are being more atheistic and materialistic day by day. The social and cultural values have been missed behind somewhere in the unsighted race to achieve the substances for joyfulness. But sarcastically, we have not accomplished the ultimate joy of life.

We are switching our attitude for idealistic health but we are ignoring our customary knowledge, which is time tested, dependable, well experienced and harmless too. Though some intellectuals are shifting towards traditional medicines, yoga and exercises have been established as health providers, herbs are being well accepted all around the world. These are the better sign of our healthy life

Ayurvedic bilona ghee is very useful for your busy life

ayurvedic ghee

vedic bilona ghee

Desi Indian cow Ghee equals coined as this ‘ Golden Medicine ’ of Ayurvedic Healing. Vedic A2 ghee utilizes conventional, biological and animal-friendly Vedic techniques, to produce that purest ghee. As per the Shastras (Asian opinion), the ghee created from the Vedic ghee-making method is named ‘ Bilona ghee ’. Hand-churning ghee in the way is said to keep good, fat-soluble vitamins, which assist the concentration of vital nutrients in our body.

 Hand-churned ghee also contains conjugated linolenic acid which is useful at losing weight, especially stomach fat and is known to decrease the progression of human and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, hand-churned desi cow ghee offers intense nutrition to all of this dhatus ( tissues) of the body, also assisting with ulcers, symptom and the care of pains and blisters. In Ayurvedic care, messaging body with plain ghee is a critical means to provide ghee sustenance for the body. It is considered under Ayurvedic law, that whatever we use on the surface is consumed by our body. Messaging skin with smoke feed plain ghee assists in sustaining body tissues stimulates endorphins or peptides that enhance the immunity of substance.

The longer-term outcome of scientific ghee massage Abhyanga in Ayurvedic care ensures the age reversal activity of substance. Get 1 teaspoon whole cow ghee at sunrise along with lukewarm water and Take it in empty belly. Ghee works as the physical laxative for good cologne. Those who are suffering from IBS or trouble in a bowel movement can make superior outcomes by using plain cow ghee treatment medicine. The hot food and ghee medicine will improve oral health including bones and gum. These Ayurvedic researchers don’t say organic foods, but essential ghee is preferred..

The use of this ghee is to ingest contaminants as the fat runs through the digestive tract, thus it’s important that this ghee does not bring more current contaminants. With enough food consumed, the fat particles don’t completely go into the bloodstream, and the great part of the food is excreted along with the target contaminants.

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