Important of Vedic Cow`s Dung Cake

holy cow
  • Holy Gau Gir cow dung is employed for performing sacrifices and it is considered best for havan on different occasions. Holy gau dung is applied on the skin to cure skin diseases like Psoriasis and Kushtharog.
  • Mata Yashoda had applied cow dung on Krishna when Putana had attacked. It saves us from Ill-will and negative energy. holy gau  Cow dung is also used for a bath for purification of the body.
  • With our tradition of making cow dung from holy breed gir cow grown in the perfect environment; it gives purity and goodness to dung as we provide healthy food to cows.
  • The use of cow dung during sacrifices (Yagya) is sacred and it not only completes the sacrifice but additionally pleases the Lord. Cow dung is also used as fertilizer in India. It is crushed to powder and applied to Tulasi and various flower plants. It kills the hazardous effects of pesticides and other fertilizers.

गौमय (गोबर के कंडे ) :

गौमय यग्न और हवन के लिए आवश्यक छोटे  आकार में बनाया गया गिर गाय के पवित्र गोबर से बनाया गया है। गोबर के कंडे में थोडा सा घी ,जव ,तल डाले तो यग्न हो जायेगा और यग्न के देव आपकी मनोकामना पूरी करेगे। कोई भी पूजा या विधि में उपयोगी। 

gavya shree

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